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Auto lemon law on used cars have played a major part in helping consumers claim their rights in regard to defective vehicles. All states in the United States have passed the lemon laws and they have been operational for over 25 years. When the laws did not exist, lemon owners had a rough time convincing the car dealers that they needed refunds and replacements and unorthodox was of fighting for rights were used. Lemon laws are usually very clear and comprehensive and they vary from state to state. This means that some laws are more efficient than others but, all perform the same function. The laws continue to be enhanced or amended to make sure they match the needs of consumers.

The Motor Vehicle Lemon Law is a strong legislation that offers protection to customers buying non standard or defective vehicles from their respective manufacturers. The term ‘lemon’ refers to a brand new car or a vehicle that has been leased and does not perform according to its promises.

In other terms the Motor Vehicle Lemon Law is enforced on vehicles that come out with faults within their warranty period. The lemon laws also specify the types of cars and their warranty details as and when they are covered. Even used, cars, motorcycles, trucks SUVs, Jet Skis and other types of vehicles come under this law.

Some auto lemon laws cover new and used vehicles as well as other kinds of motor vehicles. However, some of the similarities between these auto laws clearly come out and they include the following. Most of them cover new and leased vehicles and if you do a search to compare them, you will find that the two categories of vehicles feature in almost all the laws. The other thing is that they all seem to define a lemon in a similar way. A lemon is a defective vehicle that has served for a very short time. Many laws state that a lemon is declared to be so when it finds itself at the repair shop more that 3 times. Also it is a lemon if it has not served the owner for 30 consecutive days. A lemon should be taken to the repair shop immediately and you should keep all the documents safely because this is the proof that there was a repair attempt.

Your vehicle manual should state the warranties provided for your lemon. It should also mention how you should contact your vehicle manufacturer and whether your lemon will be replaced or repaired according to the laws. There should be indications in your warranty card about the number of times your vehicle has shown faults and number of attempts made to repair your vehicle. It should also mention the type of fault that was seen in your lemon.

The lemon law is undoubtedly very protective to the consumers than the manufacturers. A manufacturer who has been bounded by this law should not only repair the vehicle back to its original consistency but he should also bear up with extra charges levied like insurance, taxes and others. In some cases where there has been a dispute regarding this law, a neutral party comes into play who helps the manufacturer and consumer come up with a feasible solution.

There are some cases where the motor vehicle lemon law may fail in gaining its sole objective. Thus the consumer may be harassed and may have to proceed with the case by filing a civil suit and he may try to recover all the inherent costs that had been undertaken by him during that process. A good lawyer may also be allowed to take up these responsibilities. As it always happens, the court will take a long time to settle such disputes and if you are the real sufferer you can expect to get the case in favor of yourself.

If the car dealers fail to do this, there are arbitration programs provided for you by the auto lemon law. The one sponsored by manufacturers is worth trying out. A neutral mediator will seek to strike a deal between the two parties. This arbitration programs work and many cases do not proceed from here because the case is settled informally under the law. However, the cases that are not settled will proceed and the highest level is the court of appeal. When the lemon car owner hires the right lawyer and has a strong case, there is no doubt that the auto lemon law will work in their favor.

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